The Platform for System Change

Unleashing our potential to create sustainable peace and prosperity, in posterity.

The Standards of LIFE is a detailed, 21st C platform for the organization of human societies, based on simple principles.

This open template for orderly, structural change, can lead to the progress we need to make across the world.

The Standards of LIFE is a collaborative effort including ideas and input from around the world and we welcome your contributions and ideas. This wiki provides independents with an open space for the development of a comprehensive policy platform on which to run for office and implement change.

The Standards of LIFE will change your vision of what is possible and your expectation of what we can achieve. Moving past cynicism to action, the ideas in this template describe the path to a future that you want to live in.

Convert social security into services, making local communities responsible for delivery, paid for from national income taxes dedicated to this purpose.

BOOM talk notes

Imagine an integrated framework of policies that brings together people working in environmental, social, economic and political areas around a realistic platform for our common future. A platform that puts the standard of life ahead of the standard of living, the planet in balance with its people and the public good alongside private ingenuity.

Join us and explore the Standards of LIFE for yourself to see how easily our sustainable prosperity is realistically achievable now.

LIFE major tenents

Universal Services Self Association & Representation Micro Economics Information Technology Environment Freedom Foundation
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Change. The desire, the intention and the reality. The book, The Path to A Future, examines the changes necessary to reach a destination described as “sustainable prosperity”. Building on the truths we can all observe in our own lives in combination with The Standards of LIFE, this book creates a fascinating and provocative case for simple and fundamental changes to the way we elect our representatives, support each other and develop economic prosperity.


external image start_quote_rb.gif You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something,
build a new model that makes
the existing modelexternal image end_quote_rb.gif obsolete.

– Buckminster Fuller


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