The Standards of LIFE is a new framework for organizing our societies.

A new politics. A new approach to solving the same old problems, and the new problems we face today.

We face two basic questions at this time, or at any time.
First, you have to ask yourself whether you think that the current system is broken or not.
If you think not, you can skip the second question and click here to be taken to the world news.

If you think it is broken, then you have to answer the question: what to do about it?

On the path from dysfunctional to functional there is a period when evolutionary change is possible. We are in such a period now.

If you believe that we are headed in the wrong direction and want to take the opportunity for evolutionary change, then there are three things that we need to do:

  • change our democracy so we can harness the ingenuity and creativity of our people, while enhancing the accountability of our politicians
  • change our tax system, so we can meet our basic needs, ensure our mutual security and create a vibrant, sustainable economy
  • change our laws to protect the freedom and privacy of the individual, so we can free ourselves and allow technology to bring us the benefits it promises

By implementing these basic changes we will fundamentally change the landscape of our societies in a way that will result in sustainable peace and prosperity, in posterity.

The Standards of LIFE is a detailed, practical plan for how to do it and how to get there. It applies to you and your society, wherever you live.

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