Universal Services – what you need to know.

At the heart of the Standards of LIFE is the concept of Universal Services. This is the most basic and powerful element and when you understand Universal Services you will awaken to the power of the Standards to transform your society and our world into the sustainable and peaceful place it deserves to be.

If you take all the income taxes in your society and spend them exclusively on providing the basic services that sustain life for everyone in your society, you have Universal Services.

Food, shelter, local transport, healthcare, education and access to information and legal services for everyone, free at the point of need. Just whatever services can be afforded from a reasonable tax, nothing more and no cash. That is Universal Services.

It is a simple concept and every society can afford to do it. It transforms the economy, promotes enterprise and unleashes the human potential in your people.

Think about it. Read about it at www.StandardsofLIFE.org. Talk about it. If there’s one idea that can change our world, this is it.

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