If they’ve all got to go…

If they’ve all got to go, and they do, we need standards for our lives, for our futures, for our posterity.

…  get the right replacements!

In countries all over the world people are starting to think about throwing out their entire political establishment. In Iceland they’ve already started, they’re making moves in that direction in Ukraine, and even Californians were talking about it this year, during  the budget impasse. Soon this will be a common sentiment across the globe.

But if you’re going to throw them all out, who are you going to replace them with? You need to set some standards, and define some principles that you’re going to ask the replacements to subscribe to, before you put them in.

Let’s face it, most of the replacements ready to step into the shoes of the incumbents, are themselves part of the same system that produced their predecessors. The alternative is to elect some fresh faces, some independent minded candidates from outside the political establishment. The trouble many voters will have with the second option, is that those candidates won’t have a history or affiliation that will allow voters to establish where the candidiates stand on the major issues.

The solution to this conundrum is for the people to establish their own agenda and look for candidates who will sign up to it. This is no time to be selecting leadership on a trial and error basis – we simply don’t have the time for it! What we need now is political leaders who subscribe to the desires and standards set by the electorate, and who will take on the task of implementing the changes we need.

We know what we want, and we damn sure know what we don’t want! If were going to throw out the old guard, we need to  replace the old certainties with new standards.  We know enough about where we want to go to be able to define the parameters of how to get there. We may not have every detail detailed, but that’s what we vote in representatives for.

We need a framework for our politicians to protect our freedoms. We need a structure for our societies that brings us peace. We need a construct for our commerce, that will create prosperity. All these are not variables that we need politicians to define for us, they are guidelines that we need politicians to operate within. There’s a million billion decisions to be made, but a blank sheet of paper this situation is not.

If they’ve all got to go, and they do, we need standards for our lives, for our futures, for our posterity.

We need to start anew, with Standards of LIFE.

One thought on “If they’ve all got to go…”

  1. I recently watched this documentary called Us Now. It talks about a new model for government based on real democracy – meaning that literally every person is allowed to make decisions and have a voice in the world today using the web as a platform.

    you watch the documentary here:

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