Still don’t think it’s an emergency?

Half the world’s top climate scientists think it’s technically impossible to hold global warming below 2C, and 80% of them think that it is very unlikely that we will get it together to meet that target, even if we can. See the survey here.

The “civilized” societies of the West are starting to use their anti-terrorism laws to crack down on climate change activitists, demonstrating the machine’s momentum for sustaining the status quo. Old men in grey suits think they’re protecting the better half, while they fiddle.

Still don’t think it’s an emergency? Not really for radically evolutionary change? If that’s you, you’re taking the great gamble.

It is time. Now. Not in ten years, when it’s even more obvious and even more too late. Now.

We can do it. It won’t be that chaotic or disturbing. It will be fun and exciting. Let’s go! Real change that is acheivable in your lifetime is possible, we just have to start now; or face the consequences.

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