You Get What You Ask For

You cannot create jobs. You can make work, but not create jobs. Jobs exist. You either do them or you don’t.

A job is the satisfaction of a need. There are plenty of real needs in the world that remain unsatisfied, and there is plenty to be done satisfying them. These are real jobs and do not need to be created, the conversion of intention into action simply needs to be allowed.

Unless you see yourself as being in the business of creating needs, you cannot create jobs. Maybe that’s why governments everywhere, and the principleless politicians who staff them, have been so easily bedded by corporate capitalism for the last century. The corporate capitalists offered to “create the jobs” that the politicians had promised, by manufacturing needs. Those manufactured jobs take effort away from the task of satisfying real needs and so they need political cover and support in order to keep on diverting resources on the inexorable march to satisfying needs manufactured to create profits, as more and more real needs are left unsatisfied.

Demand the creation of jobs if you want, but understand what you’re really asking for.

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