The Path to A Future: It’s personal, this time.

I realize that it’s a personal moment, it’s just my time to stop hoping, to stop waiting. Don’t get me wrong, I have replaced hope with intention, waiting with action. This is a positive moment for me.

I’m not angry. After all, until I reached this moment I was a contributing member of the lethargic, hopeful establishment. I was waiting for other good people to come out and make a difference. I was hoping that a little better and a different emphasis was going to lead to something. Hopeful that change was just around the corner.

Now I know. Now I’m satisfied that tinkering incrementalism and insider knowledge are not the keys to change. Now I can skip the mini-steps that I had hoped would lead to the big stride, and go straight for the stride.

I no longer look at the moderate candidate that just beat the really extreme candidate, and breathe a sigh of relief. Now I know; they’re not really going to change anything anyway.

They were brought up in that house, they know that house well, and they live in that house. To them, redecorating the inside and repainting the front door are big changes that will require lots of work, coordination and coalition building.

I’m out the front door and past the garden gate, and I can see for myself that I want a different house.

When I see all the public support for change, I see people asking for new houses. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking, but I now know that I’ve always wanted a different house. I also used to think that redecorating the old house would somehow, magically, make it different.

Now I know. It won’t. I’m building a new one.


Part 8 in the serialization of the The Path to A Future. Real security. A new section will be posted every 2 weeks during 2011. Enjoy! If you want to get a free PDF of the book go to

2 thoughts on “The Path to A Future: It’s personal, this time.”

  1. i am not with you totally because a man needs something to push him and motivate him for striding such as hope . i mean hope with action not with only speak words inside our souls there is a hide power you must use it . change is necessary for renew our life and break routines .hope with only words is not good or has not benefit .

    1. I totally agree and I apologize for the confusion. Indeed we are motivated by our spirit, and it is our spirit that is fully alive when we transform our hope into action, our words into meaning and leave behind our fears. That is what is meant and I believe that you see it clearly, thank you for the feedback.

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